Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mexican Trains

I've been making lots of these lately. . .

They're for playing the Mexican Train Domino game. Find out about it here.

Want one? Let me know if you do.
But you have to get your own dominoes. I found my dominoes at Target.


noho1960 said...

these are totally cool. also, I very much enjoyed the photographs of them. Can we have a gamenight at the Frias' again soon? Pleeeeeease?

Anonymous said...

This is Rosie. Of course I want one. (I'll mount it on the wall, though -- not play dominoes).

Brenna said...

I've just spent some time with your blog, and all over again I am amazed that you exist, exactly as you are, and that I am lucky enough to know you.

You are one of my shining, guiding, beautiful lights.