Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Space!

I've got a new space for teaching!

It all came about very suddenly.

And just as suddenly, it has become a happy success.

The space is small, but it is ours (mine & my students) to do with as we please. We can paint on the walls, or on the floors (or on the walls and floors).

It's a neat old building that has gone through many transformations.

I'm very happy there. And I think my students are, too.

I love having my own space.
I love having my supplies all in one place.
I love having a permanent display and critique wall.
I love the old tile floor.
I love many things about this new adventure.

But my favorite-of-all thing might be the big gate out front. To get into the building, you push open this big wrought iron gate, and follow the path up the ramp. But the gate . . . look closely . . . it isn't connected to anything.

Easier to simply side-step the whole thing and just walk around. But I never do. I love pushing open that big old gate and walking happily into my new, all-our-own, funky space.

1 comment:

noho1960 said...

Bravo for your space and your wicked cool gate, Mayknart.