Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day at LACHSA

I had hated school. Beginning in 7th grade and lasting through high school, I hated everything about it (except the learning, which seemed there was much too little of). I spent my school days scowling, usually nursing a headache and a stomachache. I never wanted my kid to have to feel that way at school.

And so we homeschooled. Up until 13 years of age, my younger son never went to school. I loved our homeschooling life.

But then my kid said he wanted to go to high school. I doubted the wisdom of it, remembering my own struggles. But off he went. It was a rough start. Then on Valentines Day last year, he told me about what had happened at school that day.

While everyone was in class, someone put a post-it note on every single locker in the school:

He told me, "It was dope."  And I believed him.

I'm so glad my son gets to be a part of a place where this kind of thing can happen.

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