Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Gift From a Student

A few Saturdays ago, one of my students gave me a little gift bag. We were soon to be starting a collage project in class, and she said this was for collage. I took the bag and briefly thanked her.

At the point where she gave me this little gift bag, I hadn't yet brought in my own work to share with them, which often includes tiny frames.

Oh, how I hope I thanked her, beacuse I'm only now, nearly a week after the end of the 10-week session, getting a chance to look carefully through the bag. Here's what's inside, to thrill and amaze me. I don't know how they know me so well. I don't know if I ever thank them as I should.

1 comment:

noho1960 said...

Oh wow! WOW. You're completely rich. A millionaire of frames. I love you, kid, whoever you are. I love that you followed your gut and gave a gift that is the crown on the head of all other gifts. Good one.

PS My eyes are done with gunking. Come over rightnow.