Tuesday, September 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail

I have had my best friend since 2nd grade. That's a long time - 1968-ish.

But we go long stretches without hearing from each other. We rarely speak on the phone or email.

A few years ago, my Christmas gift to her was a handwritten letter each week, for a year. I know she loved receiving those letters. And I know that I was changed, for the better, by the entire process.

And so, this year I am joining in with many others at "52 Weeks of Mail." and committing again to a year of letter writing.

I have started making little collages on file cards and other discarded/unwanted casualties of the digital era. I'll probably be using a few of them as cards for note writing.

I haven't yet decided who to give this letter-writing gift to this year. Should it be you?


Anonymous said...

Incredible! I have thought of doing something similar- the letter/day... I had seen something like that on SwapBot, I just always have wondered if I would keep up with it, or COULD keep up with it...


Jeanie Frias said...

Tracy - If you only get 10 letters written over a year's time, that's 10 more bits of goodness out there, for you and the person who receives it. No guilt (or worries) in this endeavor!

cheeky curves said...

I love the card file creation.

noho1960 said...

this is very Jeanie. File file file. Love that part. The minutia makes my tummy giggle with joy.